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The highs and lows of dressing like your heroes

Let's face it, we all want to be rock stars. We may have jobs to hold down, bills to pay and children who find our dress questionable at the best of times, but at Halloween, such concerns can happily be ignored we can return to the childhood joys of dressing up. Even better, this is the perfect time to unleash our inner rock star loose on the world. Outrageous dress, scary face make up and wearing an entire outfit made of black rags is, for this one evening not only allowed, but positively encouraged. To help you through this smorgasbord of choice, we look at the pros and cons of dressing like musical Halloween heroes.


Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper is, of course, a rock icon. From the start of his success in the early 70s, his has been a classic face for horror. When not spearing dolls with his sword, beheading himself on stage and playing with his python, he has turned out a very respectable canon of songs and. Alice would doubtless provide great inspiration in choosing Halloween make up.


Pros: Scary, instantly recognisable, still cool.

Cons: May result in a desire to play golf. Snakes



Patricia Morrison

The former Gun Club and Sisters of Mercy bass player has a look that is pure Elvira, and we all know nothing says Halloween like black leather & lace. Always a striking figure, Patricia would bring a much needed touch of sexy sassiness to Halloween.


Pros: Cool, sexy, goth par-excellence, what's not to love about Patricia Morrison?

Cons: None. Absolutely none







An easy one to pull off this, Slipknot’s wardrobe of masks and boiler suits make them the go to band when looking for Halloween role models. Now in their 21st year, it is hard to tell if Slipknot have aged, as their masks hide all.


Pros: Scary as fuck. Easy to put on. Neighbours unlikely to recognise you.

Cons: The chances of being greeted with loud piercing screams and rapidly slammed doors must be high.


Iggy Pop


Not perhaps as immediately scary as Slipknot, only a fool would deny that Iggy has had his fair share of out there moments. Rolling on broken glass, picking on-stage fights with Hell’s Angels and stage diving on his 60th birthday show him to be a figure capable of scary moments as any other. Iggy’s bare chested look has achieved recognisability as a result of sheer dogged persistence. And of course, more excellent songs than most.



Pros: Who doesn’t want to be Iggy?

Cons: Chilly. Perhaps not one for the ladies


Nikki Sixx


The Motley Crue man deserves to be here, if only due to the fact that he has actually died, several times and always managed to make it back. Stories of his narcotic excesses are the stuff of legend and his black-clad, spiky haired, tattooed appearance make him at least appear like someone for whom Halloween has a special attraction.


Pros: Looking scary and cool at the same time is a neat trick to pull off.

Cons: There’s only one Nikki Siixx. His are shoes that mere mortals are not equipped to fill




The original Goth queen. Siouxsie blazed a trail that many followed. So why not join in this Halloween by going backcomb crazy and playing their Juju album at full blast.


Pros: A good reason, should any be needed, to play the Banshees back catalogue again.

Cons: Do they still make Insette Rock Hard hairspry these days?






Gary Glitter


Actually, let’s not go any further into this one.


Pros: Easy enough to get the costume sorted. one roll of Bacofoil and bish bash bosh, you're sorted

Cons: Fairly obvious, the chances of lynch mobs and formal charges of outraging public decency must be considered to be high.


Nick Cave


We’re thinking of Birthday Party Nick here, not the troubled balladeer he later became. In his BP heyday, Cave was entirely capable of being as scary as you like. His mid period work had an extremely high body count, culminating in his Murder Ballads album, with a body count estimated at 63 unfortunate souls.


Pros: Minimal expense. An intense, brooding look and crazy hair is enough to get you most of the way there.

Cons: May require excessive dieting in the run up to Halloween. Not massively mainstream, possibly resulting in a few cries of “who are you meant to be then, soft lad?”




Perhaps the ultimate greasepaint rock band, everyone can be Kiss. Slap on the black & white makeup, stick your tongue out and voila, you’re Kiss!


Pros: Easy, recognisable and fun.

Cons: The potential of your workmates spotting a bit of rogue makeup the next day and you never living it down. Not everyone looks good in spandex. In fact no-one looks good in spandex. Especially Gene Simmons.


Marilyn Manson

An embarrassment of riches here, Marilyn has been through many image changes, all of them with an impressively high scare potential. Take your pick from white face, panda makeup, sex alien or blood spattered robot. Just for the love of god don’t use the photo of him plucking his g-string out of his arse as inspiration!


Pros: Very striking image, not too much hard work involved

Cons: Have you any idea how long it takes for eyebrows to grow back? It doesn't happen overnight, we can tell you that from experience.




So there you have it, something for everyone this Halloween. Just don't blame us for anything that may go wrong.


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